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Satyam Placement paper:

Questions asked in placement test conducted by Satyam Computers, held on 1 Feb 2008 at CEC Landran, Mohali (Punjab)

1.    A fruit salad consists of apples, peaches and grapes in the ratio of 6: 5: 2 respectively, by weight. If 39 grams of the mixture is prepared then what is the weight of apples and grapes in mixture?

2.    The difference between simple interest and compound interest on a sum of Rs. 600000 for two years is Rs. 6000. What is the annual rate of interest?

3.    A and B can do a work in 20 days and 30 days respectively. In how many days they will do the work together?

4.    At 6 o’clock, clock ticks 6 times. The time difference first and last ticks was 30sec. How much time it takes at 12 0’clock?

5.    Sonia has forgotten her friend’s seven digit telephone number. She remembers the following: the first three digits are either 635 or 674, the number is odd and the numbers 9 appears once. If Sonia were to use trial and error process to reach her friend, what is the minimum number of trials she has to make before she can be certain to succeed?

6.    At the wedding reception, there are five guests, Ram, Sham, Rohan, Akram and Rani, who are not sure where to sit for dinner. They ask the bride’s father, who said, As I remember, ram is next to Rohan, Sham is is next to Akram or Rani. Neither Rohan nor Sham is next to Rani and Akram should sit on Rani’s left. As you look at them from the opposite side of the table, can you correctly arrange the guests from left to right?

7.    The average age of a group of persons going for picnic is 16 years. Twenty new persons with an average age of 15 years join the group on the spot due to which their average becomes 15.5 years. Find the numbers of persons initially going for picnic?

8. What comes next in series?

AX, BB, CU, DD, …..?

9. The members of the physics department and members of the chemistry department are to be selected from exactly six qualified candidates.The six candidates are Jai,Krishna,Lakhan,Manish,Rakesh and Srikanth.the common with the physics department as the rules allow,the chemistry department must consists of…

a)      Manish,Rakesh,Srikanth

b)       Krishna,lakhan ,srikanth

c)       Lakhan,rakesh,srikanth

d)      Jai,lakhan,Krishna

e)      None of these

10. What is the value of √x?

a) x=100

b) √x>0

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